Danny Wills

Executive Director, Co-Founder

Danny is an architectural designer, educator and researcher. His work explores the limitations, histories and biases of tools and the representations they produce. He has studied, lived, worked and taught throughout Europe, Asia, South Africa and the US, building and managing several public and non-profit projects. In 2017, he co-founded Space Saloon to put his interest in situated research, place-making and design-build to use for good.

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Gian Maria Socci

Programs Director, Co-Founder

Gian Maria is an architect, educator and co-founder of Space Saloon. After growing up in rural Italy he studied between Italy, Sweden and Switzerland obtaining a Master in Architecture and a Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design. He has worked across 3 continents in both academia and practice at all scales. His main interest lies at the intersection between architecture and the tangent disciplines that define its context: physical and social geography, earth sciences and landscape design. Space Saloon is his undertaking for exploring his multiple interests while bringing positive change to learners and communities around the globe.

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Rebecca van Beeck
Creative Director

Rebecca is a scenographer and educator from South Africa. Influenced by her background in architecture, her approach links across urban research, participatory design, spatial design, stage and costume design, and live and visual art. She is interested in the relationships between ‘space’ and ‘performance’, with the notion of performance ranging from daily patterns of use to theatrical movements on stage. Rebecca considers the design process an ‘improvisation framework’ for collaboration and collective making. She has worked and lived in Cape Town, Stockholm, Zurich, Bangkok, Los Angeles and now London.

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Space Saloon’s Board of Advisors serve as stewards of Space Saloon’s mission. They help guide and support the organization through active participation in board meetings, committees, strategic fundraising and programming development. Their educational, professional, and creative backgrounds align with Space Saloon’s core values. If you are interested in joining our growing team of advisors, please get in touch!

Natasha Sandmeier

Architect, O.UR
Educator, UCLA, AA, SCI-Arc

Geoff Manaugh

Freelance Writer, BLDGBLOG

Steven Hillyer

Director, Architecture Archive, The Cooper Union
Co-founder, Arkanjel Productions


Space Saloon is nothing without its dedicated team of technical experts, workshop leaders, and volunteers who help shape, build, and support the organization’s programming efforts. Here’s a list of collaborators that we consider part of the family. Join us by becoming a member!


Our dedicated fellows build on their diverse talents and support Space Saloon’s development efforts. Our fellows undertake research, project management, design work, strategic planning, grant writing and fundraising. Here’s our 2020 Satellite Lab team, ranging from artists, transdiciplinary designers, architecture students and young creative professionals.

David Katz

Milwaukee, WI

Deepak Jawahar

Chennai, India

Ezra Bard

Kent, OH

Josue Navarro

Los Angeles, CA

Juan Carlos Javier

New York, NY

Justine De Penning

Chennai, India

Kelsey McKenna

Charleston, South Carolina

Kody Kocias

Kent, OH

Kristal Audish

Los Angeles, CA

Lucy Allen

Oakland, CA

Meg Engchanil

Bangkok, Thailand

Nick Rosenblum

Portland, ME

Orm Santhila

Bangkok, Thailand

Rachel Ly

San Diego, CA

Rahul Sharma

New Delhi, India

Stephen Bromage

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tarini Sharma

Chandigarh, India