Rekindling is a ‘community-in-residence’ festival that focuses on the ceramic arts in order to raise awareness around local clay collection, fire-resistant building practices and the theme of collective rebirth after disaster. Pulga, California - the epicenter of the 2018 Camp Fire - will host a series of public events, educational workshops and community planning exercises supporting local interdisciplinary knowledge in ceramic arts, forestry and geology. Additionally, through forms of collective, participatory design and planning, Rekindling will inaugurate a permanent arts residency and ceramics studio, thereby providing a refuge for local artists impacted by the fires.

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Through a creative partnership with Space Saloon and assistance by the Butte County Department of Economic and Community Development, the Town of Pulga is currently developing a strategic plan for the permanent establishment of an artists residency program, after an initial design festival was planned for August 2020 but cancelled due to COVID-19. The ceramics studio will be the first structure to be built in Pulga after the fire, and the first dedicated workshop space for artists to produce and exhibit work. This offers both a practical and symbolic program for the rebirth of Pulga’s arts culture: fire, once seen as a destructive entity can be reframed as a restorative source through the use of the kiln.


Danny Wills
Rebecca van Beeck
Gian Maria Socci
Kylie White
Willis Bigelow

Lucy Allen
David Katz
Kody Kocias
Stephen Bromage

Betsy Ann Cowley
Town of Pulga
Butte County

Pulga, California