As inagural LINA European Architecture Platform Fellows, we were invited to several events, symposia, workshops and talks on our work as Space Saloon, as well as our collective research project ‘RRRUBBLE’ developed in collaboration with The MAAK.

RRRUBBLE aims to address resource scarcity through circular strategies, equipping the public with inspiration and tools for rethinking our relationship to material use. We choose to work with found objects and discarded or forgotten items and spaces. We consider this material world a lens through which to uncover historical, cultural and social values that are important to why, how, and what we build. In this way, materials are embraced as a process, not a product.

In order to access available resources, our approach is to source and collect items in-person, with our hands, as well as being directly involved in the making and experimentation process. This establishes important social links and reveals circular, connected narratives, from which new ways of thinking about and making architecture may emerge.

Tirana Architecture Triennale
Virtually Present, Physically Invisible

Space Saloon and The MAAK developed a workshop in collaboration with students and professors of BARLETI University and other Schools of Architecture in Albania, architects from the Association of Albanian Architects, Destil Creative Hub and the Municipality of Tirana experts.

The aim was to pro(vo)actively reflect on the rapid urban transformation of Albania during the last three decades of “shock” therapy. A massive action of migration from rural areas into the major urban centers developing new architecture for housing. Such action transforming Albanian cities into new realities, can be reflected into an Albanian physical and virtual public installation variant of Laugier’s “the primitive hut idea”.

Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM)

Salon Talk On Maintenance

In the third and final talk of their series, SAM tackled the topic of maintenance, of which Space Saloon and The MAAK were guest presenters.

In architecture, maintenance – along with adjacent activities such as repairing or cleaning – is all too often seen as a menial task, the labor invested in it as somehow inferior or less valuable than the creation of something new. Yet in an age of degrowth and climate emergency, as architecture no longer just means the design of new buildings but rather the care and transformation of existing ones, perhaps the time is ripe for a radical revaluation. What if we were to understand maintenance not as merely keeping the status quo, but as a practice with creative potential in its own right?      

Fundacio Mies van der Rohe
Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival

The Model. Barcelona Architectures Festival, the festival of experimental and visionary architecture in Barcelona, celebrated its second edition. From 20 to 30 April 2023, Model presented installations in public space, augmented realities, symposiums, workshops and experimental programmes, among others, which together produced a space for exchange, learning and dissemination of ideas.

LINA fellows were offered the opportunity to be part of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe program through conferences, workshops, mentoring or other collaborative formats, helping their ideas reach further and gain an international audience.

Irish Architecture Museum

IAF Summer School

RRRUBBLE Dublin took a performative and experimental approach, drawing from the disciplines of architecture, theatre and urban design. Participants developed “material passports” that interpret layers of meaning about and beyond found materials and objects. Together we expored how our skills, backgrounds and personal histories influence our readings of materials. Through performative action and improvisation, we evolved these reflections into speculative thinking around their potential for reuse and hands-on making with found objects.


Gian Maria Socci
Rebecca van Beeck

Danny Wills
Max Melvill (The MAAK)


Tirana Architecture Triennale
Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM)
Fundacio Mies van der Rohe
Irish Architecture Museum

LINA Architecture Platform