Imagine landing on a new planet. The morphology of the ground, air temperature, humidity, winds, radiations, and living beings are unknown. You first observe your surroundings in order to orient your body within this landscape, registering things like balance, direction, and comfort. You then develop tools to aide yourself in this perceptual exploration, leaving traces, marks, and inscriptions on the terrain as a result. The deeper your journey leads you, the more your experience begins to be shaped and mediated by these discoveries, altering your initial understanding. This generative process has the potential to either engage or remove you from your environment, depending on how you choose to situate yourself within it.

For this experimental camp, we investigated notions of context in order to discover new relations between ourselves and the environment. Through a diverse array of interdisciplinary on-site workshops, we developed our eyes and bodies in reading the physical and invisible landscapes of the high desert. A series of performative field-recordings and synthetic simulations were produced to help frame our environments in an instrumental way, constituting the foundations for our designs.

Each expedition developed new design tools and techniques that were iteratively applied to the next expedition, constantly refining the work through a process of real-time assessment. The final outcome on-site was a series of connected landscape structures that provide foundational benefits for the surrounding rural community. Off-site, we processed our collected environments and created a series of virtual narrative vignettes that transmited our worlds to a larger public.


Projects ranged from large constructed base stations for observing the surrounding landscape, to artist-led installations focusing on aspects of geology, wind, and water. Additional lectures, tutorials, and performative field-recordings dealt with ephemeral aspects of place, such as sound, energy, and atmosphere.

Kyle May, Architect

Hello Wood

Ghost House

Neal Lucas Hitch, Martin Hitch, Kristina Fisher

Humans Won’t Exist and Nature Won’t Notice

Kylie White

Shade Space

Willis Bigelow

What You Do When You’re Alone

Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck


Through a series of curated workshops held in the high desert of Morongo Valley, California, students were trained in a combination of analog and digital surveying methods, environmental sensing technologies, hands-on building tools, and collaborative virtual design devices.


Space Saloon would like to present the unique and diverse voices who led various classes at the LANDING camp. Below is a selection of stories on each workshop leader’s project and their individual interpretation of the word “place.”

Director, cinematographer, editor:
Lea Becker

Additional cinematography:
Daniel Schwartz

Hello Wood

Kylie White

Sean Gaffney & Christina Nguyen


Kanchan Richardson

the 2vvo

Willis Bigelow

Rebecca Looringh-van Beeck


Danny Wills
Gian Maria Socci


Rebecca van Beeck
Julia van den Hout
Robert Prochaska
Max Harden

Kylie White
Fruzsi Karig
Maxime Lefebvre
Leah Wulfman
Curime Batliner

Asya Nur Celik
Amanda Dellevigne
Priscila Villalpando
Max Maria
Wendy Cox
Luiza De Souza
Pollakrit Naimee
Sasipa Punkasem
Yuka Sato
Ramita Yibmontasiri

Jacqueline Huang
Tamara Birghoffer
Chinnapat Asavabenya
Sakaokaew Jindawitchu
Santhila Chanoknamchai
Thatsama Leeumnadwong
Pakjira Itthisang
Panchaya Sonkom
Praewa Keereewan
Chularach Engchanil
Tanaboon Kittisrikangwan
Thanjira Vimonanupong
Ranchana Rungwatanawong
Natdanai Wareerinsiri
Kongphob Amornpatarasin
Chutimon Suetragulwong


PHOTOS: Daniel Schwartz