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SPACE SAL00N is a design laboratory on the move. We explore the potentials of site by crafting collaborative hands-on experiences. Our pedagogical projects build communities, promote tolerance, and foster engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge.
SPACE SAL00N is a non-profit organization founded by Danny Wills and Gian Maria Socci. We are a collective of architects, artists, and researchers who work with students in exploring new frontiers for design education. Our events provide a supporting platform for both professional architects as well as young developing designers to realize site-specific projects.



Our second iteration of the high desert design build festival.
Morongo Valley, California / May 2019



The first successful expedition of Space Saloon’s mobile educational camp.
Morongo Valley, California / May 2018



Crafting community through the process of making pizza.
Csórompuszta, Hungary / June 2017