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LANDING, held in 2018, was the first iteration of the educational camp and focused on notions of context and place. Students worked with a diverse group of architects, artists, and musicians to discover new relations between themselves and their environment. A series of performative field-recordings and site surveys focusing on ephemeral aspects of place—such as sound, energy, and atmosphere—took place alongside an array of design-build workshops, all culminating in a connected network of landscape installations. The projects ranged from large base stations for observing the surrounding landscape to installations revealing certain aspects of geology, wind, shadow, and water. Before the building projects, the public was invited to a collection of lectures from experts in landscape, technology, and architecture; after, they were invited back to see and experience the projects in their unique contexts.

In May 2019, Space Saloon returns to the high desert to hold a second iteration of the ‘community-in-residence’ festival. Titled FIELDWORKS, the event takes its thematic inspiration from the cumulative methods of scientific field research—the approaches, techniques, and processes used to collect raw data outside of a laboratory setting. Project and workshop leaders will question the constructs and apparatuses through which we perceive a place. Questions will be raised on the production of sites of knowledge, and how quantified data is transformed into a qualification of meaning and significance. Projects will modulate, enhance, and manipulate one’s perception of landscape through the crafting of new imaginative spaces. The ultimate goal will be to break down the constructs of knowledge production in order to discover new methods for presenting subjective realities.