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“Sympoiesis is a simple word; it means ‘making-with.’ ...Sympoiesis is a word proper to complex, dynamic, responsive, situated, historical systems. It is a word for worlding-with, in company.”

-- Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene


Satellite Lab is our new remote community-in-residence program that explores alternative forms of design engagement. Through the development of collaborative DIY projects, Satellite Lab aims to equip participants with accessible tools and resources for enacting change in their local environment.

Space Saloon is building a team of participants, experts and workshop leaders for its new summer program.

Send us a message and let us know you’re interested in making a difference.


A 10-week virtual residency and training program.

There will be a total of five learning modules, following general themes of Researching, Processing, Planning, Making and Sharing. A typical learning module will follow a two-week schedule, like the following:

Week 1 (Warm up and research)

Day 1
- Presentation by workshop leader
- Workshop prompt delivered to internal participants
- Tutorial by invited guest

Day 2 / 3 / 4
- Testing at home
- Gathering of research
- Inspirational interludes

Day 5
- Share results, discuss

Week 2 (Project development)

Day 8
- Asses current theme in relation to real projects
- Define project work goals

Day 9 / 10 / 11
- Project development
- Talks with technical experts and project collaborators

Day 12
- Open-mic night (share results)
- Celebrate

We will start with our first module on June 1. As the modules progress from week to week, we will refine the public reader in parallel with Space Saloon’s development projects, aiming for a comprehensive open source toolkit of design methodologies, from analysis to execution. With this, we hope to empower young designers to bring effective change to their own communities.


To connect, support, build and care for each others’ practices.

Your effort will help create a truly open source toolkit of projects that can be shared with the public.
Through forms of publication, exhibition and specialized media we will share effective strategies for spatial, social and environmental engagement, in whatever shape, scale or form.


Open and empathetic minds, passionate and enthusiastic teams.
We’re looking for participants with a dedication to connecting with your local (and global) environment, as well as a desire to support your immediate (and distant) community.
We will be working with our team of fellows, workshop leaders, project collaborators, expert consultants, and inspirational lecturers to develop a truly collaborative program.

Want to join? Send us a message!


We are a small organization, and value the time and effort of every individual contributing to the growth of our non-profit mission.