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As part of the Design Construction for Community Summer program of INDA, the International Program in Design and Architecture of Chulalongkorn University, we have involved the local community in a four month-long process of analysis and participative design. Through various community workshops, together with locals, students and government experts, we have identified common threats and shared interests, resulting in the resolution to facilitate the engagement of tourists in exploring the neighborhood.

The project has been documented as part of the “Transitional School” exhibition organized and curated by Merve Bedir and Jason Hilgefort, displayed at the Instanbul Biennale of Architecture “A School of Schools.” Self-sustenance, identity preservation and economic independence are the leading goals of this venture which is scheduled to continue with new projects in the near future with the close support and collaboration of Chulalongkorn University and The Crown Property Bureau, to foster new cultural activities within thecommunity such as a craft museum, art residencies and participative workshops.